sartrowski, Interview.

sartrowski, Interview.


I found sartrowski randomly on the interwebs and after taking a look at his drawings I figured I’d just tell him I really like them all, instead of liking *all* of his pics. He was super lovely, so not long after that I’d already commissioned him for a design, which ended up permanently on my skin and one of my favorite tattoos (even tho it says “bad idea” right on the damn thing). Here are a couple of dumb questions I asked him and a bunch of his work, so you can fall in love with them like I did and spam the shit out of his Instagram account with likes & comments.


Hello, sartrowski!

sartro: hey, guys!

Let’s start with who you are and where you are from.

sartro: i’m just really, really tired. haven’t much of an idea of where i’m from, but i can tell you where i can be found these days. bucharest, romania. everything is rad here. so rad.

How did you start doing these illustrations?

sartro: well i’m no good at dancing, so i had to do something somewhat pretty. tien, regarde.


How would you describe your style?

sartro: non.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

sartro: i’d like to say failed romance and the feminine abyss, but i mostly steal from people who know what they’re doing. i hide it as well as i can. oh, and failed romance too. and the feminine abyss.


If commissioned, is there something you’d refuse to draw?

sartro: no. i’d love to do things people would later regret having tattooed.

Tell us a little bit about the lovely poems you use on every illustration you post.

sartro: i think they’re just words that rhyme. sometimes they’re sad.


So, what’s next for your art? What’s the next step?

sartro: i’m currently setting up shop. small time, half dime tattoos for bored people. i’m working on opening an online shop as well for merch and some tees. this isn’t art. it’s lines on white backgrounds, you know. i just want to make this world a worse place. addidas.

What’s your favorite illustration you ever made?

sartro: oh, i’d love to tell you, guys, but i don’t like it anymonroes.


Thank you babe! You’re definitely one artist to keep an eye on!

You can find sartrowski here: Instagram

and here: Facebook

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All Images & Design © sartrowski.

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