Simbio Restaurant reopens in a beautiful old house, Bucharest

Simbio Restaurant reopens in a beautiful old house, Bucharest


Bucharest hides many treasures ready to be discovered on those lazy weekend days. One of them is the recently reopened Simbio Restaurant, located on Negustorilor Street, no. 26, in a beautiful old house that was restored by architect and designer Eliza Yokina.

The theme of this renovation was the symbiosis between functionality and aesthetics. Vintage furniture, next to custom made objects, old and new, traditional and urban. Contrasts attract in here and they blend in a beautiful result that is Simbio. The restaurant has two floors with very different rooms, each of them with its own personality.

Each space has its own focus point represented by the lighting fixtures and installations. In one of the rooms the central piece is the beautiful decorated ceiling with lights incorporated and a plant hanging, all reflecting in the mirror of the table.

The green room, opened to the kitchen, won our hearts with the green sofa that gives a fresh touch to the space.

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Photo: Cătălin Georgescu

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