SMUG and his "Grandparents" mural in MelbourneSMUG ONE is an Australian born, Glasgow based street artist. He creates well defined characters full of life, love and laughter, his achievements being transformed into realistic and awesome murals.

In an interview for the LSD Magazine, SMUG confirms that he started out as a child by skating, listening to hip hop music and writing his name on the walls.

For his photo realistic murals, he says that he’s always carrying a photo in his hands, even if not everything we see is taken striaght from that photo. He always adds lines and colors to make it even more beautiful to the eye.

SMUG just finished his latest mural on a former power station in the centre of Melbourne’s business district. We can spot the artist’s grandparents in his signature photo. It is a very realistic mural and it took a bit longer to complete with the wet and wild weather conditions.

Get a glimpse at SMUG‘s Instagram profile here.

SMUG and his "Grandparents" mural in Melbourne SMUG and his "Grandparents" mural in Melbourne SMUG and his "Grandparents" mural in Melbourne

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