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The “100 miniatures” exhibition: the epilogue to a journey through the history of the chair

The “100 miniatures” exhibition: the epilogue to a journey through the history of the chair


100 miniatures of classical seats, exact 1:6 replicas of the originals, were displayed this autumn, between October 22nd and November 5th, at mall Promenada, within the “100 miniatures” exhibition. The miniatures were produced by Vitra, the renowned Swiss furniture manufacturer, and the exhibition was brought to Bucharest by Intro and Techo, the only two Vitra dealers in Romania.
Over X visitors were guided along a chronological journey throughout the history of the chair over the last two centuries, which found its end at the welcoming Cărturești Library, where the most recent pieces were exhibited.



From the Industrial Revolution to the artistic experimentation, these miniatures provided the ideal setting to closely discover the key-moments in the history of design. Replicas of famous pieces such as the sophisticated “Favela”, designed by the Campana brothers and made from small pieces of natural wood, similar to those with which the shacks of the favelas or shanty towns are built in Brazil, the eccentric “Bocca Lip Sofa”, created by Studio 65 and inspired by Dali’s famous Mae West sofa, or the delicate “Plywood Elephant”, made from curved wood and signed by the famous Eames couple, were presented in the exhibition. The perfectly crafted true-to-scale character of these miniatures conveys the craft and the effort behind the famous originals.




On Saturday, November the 2nd, the workshop “Seats by kids made for toys” took place, an event meant to spread the passion for design and craft among kids. The workshop was held by Eliza Yokina, an architect with an extensive experience in working with children, and assistant architect Ruxi Dinescu, with support from “de-a arhitectura”. Inspired by models of famous chairs with easily recognizable shapes, 18 children aged between 5 and 10 years created seats from fimo modeling clay, wood, textiles and other materials.




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