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The crumbling old/new house in Switzerland

The crumbling old/new house in Switzerland

What could be more surprising to a house than to discover the discrepancy between the interior and the exterior?

There is this dream house in Linescio, Switzerland that is 200 year-old and it almost looks like it will disappear at the next big storm. Hold your breath, because once you get inside you’ll be surprised by the extreme change of scenery.

Recently renovated by Buchner Bründler Architekten, the team took the amazing challenge of building a new house inside the old one. While the exterior is almost untouched, inside you will find all the comfort and luxury you need. Lot of concrete was used inside, as well as modern finishes to bring to life the space and give a fresh new look.

The house opens to the exterior through tall wood shutters that fold to let natural light in.

The bathroom is the space where the exterior comes inside, with the stone walls, the wooden beams and the obscurity of the twinkling lights. The bathtub is one of the most original elements, almost unnoticeable, sunk in the floor.

A special place indeed, which can definitely inspire your future plans.

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