MTO uncovers “The Death Of The Neighborhood” in Wynwood, Miami

The French artist MTO also known as “Little San Juan”, and commonly accustomed with “El Barrio” as many Puerto Ricans began immigrating to this Miami neighbourhood from the island and north-eastern cities in the 1950s was in Wynwood, Miami with the occasion of working at his new mural.

The artwork entitled “The death of the neighbourhood” wears a firm assertion over the local gentrification.

Tony Goldman who is a developer influenced the evolution of Wynwood by creating a mecca out of the known graffiti.Also 30 artists from across the globe travelled to create the Wynwood Walls, fact which had as an outcome a great increase in what street art has to offer.

The existence of the large arts speaks through the created concept of a new Hipster neighbourhood.

“The east side of N Miami avenue in Wynwood is only one block away from “Wynwood walls”, Panther coffee, hipster shits, business craps and all the center of gentrification activities, however the few dead ends by the rail way along the avenue are still remaining developping areas, full with graffitis and barely used warehouses …… well ….. at least for now.” MTO

Check out the images below.


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