volken, tattoo artist - vlist (12) Volken is the new tattooist at Old Bastards Cluj-Napoca. He’s an awesome and very nice guy and I had the pleasure of asking him a few questions. volken, tattoo artist - vlist (9)volken, tattoo artist - vlist (18) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (17) Where are you from and how did you end up at Old Bastards Cluj-Napoca?

Volken: I’m from a small village in the North of Israel. I moved to Cluj with my girlfriend, who had decided to move here to study veterinary medicine. I used to work in a studio in Tel Aviv and a few times a year I still go there to guest spot. Before we got here I did some research on studios in the city and came across Old Bastards and some others. This is the one I liked the most so we went there to present myself and ask if they need another tattooer. Luckily Dorin liked my work and said he will take me. I was very glad because I liked the studio even more after visiting in person and meeting the artists and feeling the good environment they had there.

volken, tattoo artist - vlist (14) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (13) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (11) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (6) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (8) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (7) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (1)How long have you been tattooing?

Volken: I have been tattooing for about a year and a half after a 2 year apprenticeship.


How did you end up doing this?

Volken: I finished the army and realized graphic design doesn’t really excite me. I needed a job and was looking for a job as a waiter, and somehow found myself the same day getting a job in a tattoo studio in a village close to my home. It took me a long time to understand what it is to be a tattooer and to feel prepared to be one. At the beginning I did the custom designs and management of the studio.


How would you describe your tattooing style?

Volken: I don’t think I have a specific style so far. In Israel I am mostly known for doing dotwork. Most of the tattoos I do are custom design. Now I try to move to a bigger size of work influenced by neo traditional and Japanese. I really like cartoon style and animation, especially animals. I’m trying to make a unique design for every client and do it only once. It is getting harder. In the beginning I worked mainly with my own designs but now I have clients asking for specific things they saw on the Internet and you need to work with what they ask. volken, tattoo artist - vlist (5) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (4) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (16) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (3) volken, tattoo artist - vlist (2) What kind of stuff are you most excited to tattoo?

Volken: I get excited about tattooing in general, but mostly when I have big pieces, Japanese or neo traditional influenced.


Is there any particular thing you would want to tattoo and haven’t yet?

Volken: I would like to do a big work, entirely my own design, on someone who has no problem with anything I come up with. A human canvas with no opinion. But seriously I really like animation and Japanese and would just like to design a big piece entirely my own ideas in these styles. For example one of my water paintings I did recently of a mouse samurai giving flowers to a cat geisha.


Who is your favorite tattooist? Who do you want to get tattooed by?

Volken: It’s a really good question and a very hard one also. There are so many good artists I know, so it is hard to answer. I really wanted to make an appointment before we came to Romania with a tattoo artist called Logan from Barracuda tattoo in Sevilla Spain. I think he is really awesome. He works in a similar style to what i want to tattoo and he is a great inspiration.


What would you say about the Romanian clientele?

Volken: In general I like them. They usually respect my opinion and give me freedom to design the work. They are very polite and it is a pleasant experience to work with them. volken, tattoo artist - vlist (10)Much love, and I for one can’t wait to get a piece by him!


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